Arrival to America

Krings Family History

From Germany to America

         Over 150 Years in America


The first of our Krings family to come to America was the family of Herman Joseph Krings.


Herman Joseph Krings, age 29

Anne Marie, age 26

Joseph, age 3


They arrived New York on 28 June 1854 on the ship “The Scioto” which was a 3-mast square-sail ship, American Owned from Brunswick, Maine.



Next to make the trip to America was Herman’s nephew (son of Franz)  Wilhelm Joseph Krings.


“Joe” Krings, age 23, arrived New York on 15 June 1868 on the ship “Hermann”

On 02 June 1877, Franz Krings arrived New York on the ship Wesser.


Franz Krings, age 58

Joesphe, age 26   f (female)

Emmie, age 18,  f (female). …. This was a mistake, as it should read Emil, 18, Male